The best nutritional Strategies for Injury Recovery

  This article was originally published in the Massachusetts Senior Games Summer Edition 2018-2019. You can accelerate your healing process with food and beverage. Food provides the necessary nutrients to help your body’s one trillion cells recover. No matter what kind of injury or illness you are facing, what and how you eat and drink […]

Weight Loss: The First Step of any Healthcare Costs Reduction Strategy

  In a recent article in The Guardian, Mindy Grossman, Weight Watchers’ new boss, says, “I’ve been 35lbs heavier than I am now and 25lbs thinner than I am now, and both of those times were probably the most miserable times of my life. I’m happier now, because it is about being healthy, not weighing […]

Nutrition: A Strong Ally for Your Sport Performance

This article was originally published in the Massachusetts Senior Games Summer Edition 2017-2018. The information in this article is to provide athletes and coaches with an overview of the latest guidelines in sports nutrition. While there is no such thing as a magic diet or food, there are many ways in which eating and drinking […]

How to Improve Current Corporate Wellness Programs

  With a chronic disease and obesity crisis raging through the country, leading to unsustainable healthcare costs, the traditional medical establishment and more governments have shifted the focus to prevention and wellness since the 1990s. Employee wellness programs have long been billed as something of a magic bullet—a low-cost means to a happier, healthier, more […]

How to Decrease Addiction Risks at Your Workplace

  This article was originally published in the MassMEP Newsletter of December 2016. The negative impact of addictions, such as alcoholism or drug abuse, has increased in the workplace with issues ranging from lost productivity, absenteeism, injuries, fatalities, theft, and low employee morale, to an increase in health care, legal liabilities, and workers’ compensation costs. […]

Health Premiums Rebates and its financial Consequences

  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act’s medical loss ratio (MLR) – or 80/20 rule – health insurance companies were required to pay $469 million in rebates to about 5.5 million people in 2015 – bringing the total over four years to more than $2.4 billion. What is the Medical Loss Ratio? Obamacare requires health […]

The Truth about Exercising

  Summer is time for outdoor physical activity. Regular physical activity is one of the most reliable ways to boost mood, reduce anxiety, curb depression, improve sleep quality, and increase your sense of self-esteem. It makes you feel better. Lowering Healthcare Costs with Physical Activity The benefits of moderate physical activity are well known: lowered […]

The Impact of Dehydration on Job Performance

  This article was originally published in the MassMEP Newsletter of June 2016. When summer occurs, temperatures rise and can exceed 100 degrees. When it comes to drinking enough water, most Americans consume far below the recommended daily minimum, regardless of season. A recent study showed that 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. […]

10 THINGS I KNOW ABOUT… Avoiding Illnesses and Injuries at Work

  This article was originally published in the Worcester Business Journal of May 23, 2016. 10) Understand your fatigue level. Fatigue is the major cause of illnesses and injuries. It makes you less vigilant. Be aware of the symptoms and sources of your fatigue, such as lack of sleep, a high stress level or a high […]