Our Concept

After combining 10 years of applied research, and field experience, RESO can provide innovative solutions in order to support businesses and their employees facing rising healthcare costs.

RESO targets and directly treats the causes of the health issues, such as chronic disease, increasing anxiety, and poor sleep quality.

RESO believes in an individualized approach to correct the missteps in a realistic way. Only personalized solutions can provide efficient results.

RESO takes advantage of employee benefits packages to establish a cost-effective solution adapted to each situation.

RESO coaches are professionals credentialed by health plans and Medicare. The expertise level reaches the top of the industry.

Our 3-Step Process

  • Step #1: Assessment
    • Employees benefits package analysis
    • Body composition analysis, body hydration percentage
    • Stress level measurements, personality tests
  • Step #2: Action Plan
    • Implementing each personalized RESO program
    • Weekly or bi-monthly individual counseling on-the-job
  • Step #3: Follow-up
    • Medical results collection (weight, stress levels, body hydration level, physique rating, cholesterol and diabetes level)
    • Financial analysis (medical bills, sick days, work productivity)

Our Results

  • A recent study at Boston Children’s Hospital scientifically validated the methodology of the RESO approach:
    • RESO owns the only method to maintain resting metabolism after weight loss.
    • As a result, 95% of people who started the RESO program haven’t re-gained weight after the weight loss phase since 2011.
  • Testing with recent customers has resulted in:
    • 61% employee participation resulting in health improvements to areas such as weight loss, blood pressure improvement and stress reduction.
    • Health premiums reduction up to 16% and medical claims up to 52%.
  • As a medical group, we are not allowed to share medical records.
  • If you want more information, we have different business cases with companies which implemented our program.
  • We will be able to show you how we established a program for less than $4,000 for 100 employees with positive medical results.