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RESO Corporation is a medical group of health coaches and licensed dietitians covered by health plans and Medicare. RESO improves employee health, productivity and happiness while reducing your insurance cost, with the goal (or added benefit) of preventing injuries and illnesses at the workplace.

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3-Step Process

1. Assessment

Employees benefits package analysis<br /> Body composition analysis, body hydration percentage<br /> Stress level measurements, personality tests

2. Action Plan

Implementing each personalized RESO program<br /> Weekly or bi-monthly individual counseling on-the-job

3. Follow-Up

Medical results collection (weight, stress levels, body hydration level, physique rating, Cholesterol and diabetes level)<br /> Financial analysis (medical bills, sick days, work productivity)
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RESO's team helps you to learn how to enjoy and sustain long-term effects of the program after you have finished with the coaches. No magic pills, crazy diets or insane exercise regime are necessary.